Good Finance Bank Virtual Credit Card Creation in 5 Minutes

One of the banking products that consumers who want to trust about spending on the internet can benefit is virtual credit cards. Thanks to the virtual credit cards that enable consumers to make unique payments with their specially produced card numbers for their expenditures, it is possible to both withdraw and get rid of recurring payments.

While almost every bank offers its virtual credit card to its consumers, some banks carry their service quality to the next level thanks to their internet and mobile banking applications, and Good Finance Bank is one of them. In this context, it may be useful to mention the Good Finance Bank virtual credit card creation process and the details that should be known about virtual credit cards created through Good Finance Bank.

Creating Good Finance Bank Virtual Credit Card

Creating Good Finance Bank Virtual Credit Card

Consumers who want to create a virtual credit card through Good Finance Bank should use the internet banking application for the steps they need to follow. It is not yet possible to create a virtual card through the mobile banking application.

  1. Log in to internet banking applications.
  2. My cards> my credit cards are followed from the menu.
  3. On the opened page, click on the card transactions link and create a virtual card.
  4. The limit is determined for the virtual card to be created and the card is created.
  5. The 16-digit card number, CVV code, and date of use of the card, which will be required for the use of the relevant virtual card, are displayed on the screen.

This three information reflected on the screen is the information you need in order to make payments on the internet and it is recommended that you do not save it anywhere and log into your account every time you use it. If you need the information again, after logging into the mobile or internet banking application, you can access this three important information about your card by following my cards> credit cards> my virtual card steps.

Is Good Finance Virtual Card Paid?

Is Good Finance Virtual Card Paid?

Consumers who use virtual credit cards through Good Finance bank do not have to pay any fees for this use. This card, which can be created and started to be used in a short time, has a pricing policy related to the original card to which it is affiliated. you should remember that this payment will not be affected by the virtual card.

Is there money in the virtual credit card or withdraw from the original card?

If your virtual credit card does not have sufficient balance for the payment you want to make or do not want, your main credit card will not be charged and the transaction will be declined. However, you should not forget that your card has been renewed with a pre-determined limit in each statement period, so if you suspect a repetitive payment, you can close your internet shopping after using your virtual card or update its limit as 1 US.

Are Payments Made With Virtual Credit Cards Tracked?

All payments made by virtual credit cards are subjected to the statement of virtual credit cards and the payments made by virtual credit cards are listed under a separate section.

However, even if the follow-up is done separately, the payments will be allocated based on your original credit card, so you must pay the debt of your payments with your virtual credit card to your original credit card, and the money you deposit in your virtual credit card number may not be transferred to the account.