Fastest Credit Card Online Application Methods

Online credit card of one of the banks can take advantage of consumers who want to make the application it is also Good Finance Participation Bank. assessing the credit card application is transmitted over the Internet in Turkey the same day Finance, which enables the consumer to have a credit card bonus featured in a very short period of time.

Good Finance Credit Cards

Good Finance Credit Cards

All major credit cards are featured bonus Good’s Finance. Although the most frequently used credit card product is Happy Card, it is possible to benefit from the opportunities of Gold and Platinum products depending on spending habits. Consumers can also have Gold or Platinum credit cards directly depending on their monthly income, branches can, therefore, request a proof of income.

Good Finance Credit Card Benefits

Turkey All credit cards except Finance card is featured bonus. In this respect, all the advantages provided by the Bonus can be used and free campaigns can be added to all campaigns by being included in the frequently updated campaign list.

Bonuses are earned from spending and bonuses can be used for different spending. Bonus, which has more than 200 thousand member merchants, gives higher rates of bonuses to spending from member merchants. Therefore, it is possible for most consumers to shop with higher discounts.

Good Finance Credit Card Online Application Methods

Good Finance Credit Card Online Application Methods

Good Finance Happy Card Happy Card Happy Card, Gold and Platinum can be referenced from the internet for products. After logging in to the credit card consumers who want to apply for Good Finance website Home> Personal> Credit Cards> The applicant must follow the right steps.

Transmitted credit card applications are mostly evaluated and concluded on the same day, but it should be remembered that the bank wants 24 hours depending on the density.

In addition to the online application, a request can be made by writing Happy space TCKN for Happy Card and sending a text message to 2442. The credit card application sent via SMS is a preliminary application and the declared final income is taken into consideration. Therefore, a certificate of income must be submitted to the branch for a higher limit credit card.

Who Can Get a Credit Card


Regardless of whether the application is made via the internet or message, all the credit card applications are first evaluated on the credit note. After the evaluation, how much limit the consumers with sufficient credit rating can use in order to get a credit card depends on the credit rating. Hence, a high credit rating is the key to a high limit credit card. In addition, it is necessary to be a Turkish citizen and be over the age of 18.

Good Finance Credit Card Application Inquiry

Good Finance forwarded to the credit card consumers who want to query the status of the application must benefit from the call center. Consumers calling the call center at 0850 222 22 44 can connect to the credit card customer representative and find out the status of the credit card application or where the credit card is located. Credit cards are mostly delivered to the nearest branch and the consumer is expected to receive the credit card from the branch.